95th european orthodontic society congress
17-22 June 2019 - Nice France

Satellite Symposia


12:40-13:20 SYMPOSIUM • ALIGN TECHNOLOGY BV - Rhodes 9

  • Invisalign Innovations for Growing Patients - Introducing cases treated with the use of Mandibular Advancement features and Invisalign First Option
    Susana Palma
    Coming soon

12:40-13:20 SYMPOSIUM • PLANMECA - Rhodes 13

  • 3D Your Orthodontics & Orthognathics: it’s the right time
    Emadidean Elfarra and Ahmad Alshadwi
    CAD-CAM technology is an integral part of our modern life. It is relatively new to the field of dentistry, yet it is gaining a fast and solid momentum. The first part of the presentation will highlight the general advantages of the technology. It will also provide a good understanding of the current applications in orthodontics. The second section will cover computer-assisted techniques used to perform virtual orthognathic surgery, with an overview of its clinical applications. It will demonstrate that this technology, provides precise means of translation of the treatment plan, in a highly predictable manner. That will ultimately aid in providing optimal function, aesthetics, improved overall outcomes and higher patient satisfaction. Conclusion: It is the right time to embrace this technology and open a whole new world in the way you practice!

17:15-18:45 SYMPOSIUM • RMO EUROPE Auditorium Apollon

  • Expanding the limits with modern TAD appliances
    Heinz Winsauer 
    "The use of TADs especially in the anterior palate has changed orthodontic treatment concepts fundamentally. Due to the absence of dental side effects the use of mini-­‐ implant borne expanders or distalizers during mixed dentition creates sufficient space for the permanent teeth. The simplicity of TAD insertion and their uncomplicated long-­‐term use as retention is well accepted by young patients and their parents. Novel appliances are inserted chair side without the need of impressions or laboratory and will enable simultaneous expansion and distalisation."

FRIDAY 21st, JUNE 2019

The generous lottery games and the Symposium of Friday 21st organized by our partner DW Lingual Systems was cancelled due to the French Bertrand Act

12:10-12:50 SYMPOSIUM • DW Lingual Systems GmbH Auditorium Apollon

  • WIN-Smart: Bodily tooth movements with esthetic appliances
    Dirk Wiechmann
    Along with many others, fixed multibracket appliances have two major advantages: They can achieve controlled three-dimensional tooth movements, which in most cases is important for a high-quality treatment outcome. Movements like intrusion, extrusion, palatal root torque or bodily translation in cases of space closure can be performed precisely. Furthermore, fixed multibracket appliances deliver predictable treatment outcomes at the hands of a well-trained orthodontic specialist. The session will finish with the WIN-Smart Lottery.
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Important Dates

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EOS president

EOS president


Scientific Committee

  • Marie-José Boileau, chair
  • Dirk Bister
  • Susan Cunningham
  • Bärbel Kahl-Nieke
  • Christodoulos Laspos
  • Fraser McDonald